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Enjoying a soul loaf with some tea & a book

I learned to make the soul loaf at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. A slice of this loaf takes me straight to heaven, no kidding. The retreat and my newfound love for organic food were long awaited gifts to myself. I didn’t know how badly my body and mind needed both till I experienced it all and came out feeling brand new. The soul loaf featured here has the goodness of apples and pecan nuts, sweetened with raw honey and dates, and spiked with ground nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. It is perfect for morning and evening tea and one slice is enough to leave you feeling good till lunch or dinner.


Dry ingredients


My new way of life includes plenty of tea, instead of coffee, often accompanied by a good read. This cuppa was a combination of exquisite black teas of deep, strong chocolate and chilli tones. Dr Libby Weaver’s book, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, is a favourite of mine these days. The book reminds me to take a pause, de-stress and focus on my health instead of my to-do list.


Rushing Woman's Syndrome

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