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New Ventures with HEART in Brisbane

Two friends in our awesome Brisbane community started two wonderful projects recently and I am totally excited!

Eat with Us brings people in a community together through food.

I think food is an incredibly powerful way of sharing our life story and culture. People show their love when they put a meal together. After all, adding just the right amount of turmeric while marinating chicken for example, requires intuition, care, thoughtfulness, and a want to make a delightful dish for those who we are preparing the meal for. Rosalind Creedon, the beautiful brain behind this venture, is an amazing cook herself. What’s amazing about Rosalind is her belief in doing good. Bringing a community together is important for her. I have seen her repeatedly bringing people together as second nature and I wish her all the luck with this wonderful project. Discover more about Eat with Us at their website and sign up on the website! It’s a great way to make friends with some wonderful people in Brisbane. I have signed up and looking forward to my first food swap!

Second Shot has the potential to make a big difference in the lives of young homeless people in Brisbane.

A few things about James Christie (CEO, Second Shot) caught my attention when I met him in social gatherings – he is well travelled, had an awesome corporate career and importantly he wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Second Shot tackles homelessness one coffee at a time. The marketer in me really likes the brand name. What’s not to love?! Second Shot engages young homeless people in Brisbane, trains them, and helps them to transition into society and the workplace. Learn more about this venture through their website. Show your support for this venture on Facebook.

Ventures like Eat with Us and Second Shot remind us of the power of people driven by good ideas and ultimately changing things for the better for all involved. Eat with Us and Second Shot are making the world a better place a plate and cup at a time. I’d go miles to support these ventures.

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