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Fun things to do in Brisbane: Eat Street Markets

Visiting Eat Street Northshore was pure joy on Easter Sunday. Exploring Eat Street Markets  was something I wanted to do since a while. Their family friendly operating timings on Easter Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm made it a perfect choice to spend quality family time with young kids over a long weekend. The venue was a stimulating play for all our senses. The food choices are so incredibly amazing, they will drive you a little crazy if you are indecisive. My 7 year old daughter had a tough time deciding what to eat. Little Missy Perfectionist toyed around with the idea of eating a few things till Professor Fairy Floss won over her taste buds. The professor was a pretty cool one and the assistant working behind the scenes in the professor’s lab scientifically played with candy floss.

Eat Street Northshore Entrance


The sweet Professor

From savoury to sweets options, drinks, live music playing in two places with different musicians and performers coming on stage, the place was dazzling with excitement, energy, happiness, and the sheer joy of being. Couples and families, old and young, everyone seemed to be having a great time. People danced around and it didn’t matter where you were dancing – on the stage, in front of it or right where the seating area ended.

We ate a whole lot for the few hours that we spent there – yum caramel and plain donuts, scrumptious marinated Beef with feta salad wrapped in a pita, a Turkish Gozleme, classic fish & chips and dragon dumplings for the kids, waffles with fresh cream and strawberries and loads of lemonade. The only food item that was not too exciting were the waffles primarily because of the whipped cream and strawberries that lacked freshness.

Marinated Slow Cooked Beef Eat Street Northshore
Marinated Slow Cooked Beef
Alcohol Spiked Cupcakes Eat Street Northshore
Alcohol Spiked Cupcakes

A few quaint little shops for shopaholics to buy things are there if they feel the need to burn some cash. I found a Turkish shop where I found a real turquoise stone in its original cut set perfectly in a ring. Could I resist it? Hell NO! Of course, I bought it! Hey, we work so hard and do our best at everything to earn a little prize from time to time, right? Who doesn’t like being spoiled?! You can see it in the photo where I am holding a Turkish Spinach and Feta Cheese stuffed Gozleme. A young boy at the shop (perhaps the owner’s son) tried up selling by telling me to spend some more money to get a ceramic bowl for free. Tempting as the offer was, I decided to visit the Eat Street Markets on another weekend to dis over another treasure in the shop. The joy of discovery a little gem is more fun when attempted on a continued basis.

Turkish Gozleme & Rustic Turquoise Ring Eat Street Northshore
Turkish Gozleme & Rustic Turquoise Ring
Turkish Street Food Eat Street Northshore
Turkish Street Food
A Quaint Turkish Discovery Eat Street Northshore
A Quaint Turkish Discovery

So next weekend, or any weekend, just make a plan and go to the Eat Street Market. From my experience, you wouldn’t regret it. And if you love it, let us know! 🙂

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This post was contributed by Syma Ahmed

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