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Cha Cha Char – The Best Steaks in Australia

My husband and I have set a new ritual – of date nights. The best ritual we have set in a while! When we are leading busy lives, it is important to set some quality time apart as a couple to have an intimate conversation without attending to the kids every moment during the dinner.

We went to Cha Cha Char on Eagle Street Pier to enjoy the Award winning best steak restaurant in Australia. We walked in without a booking so were escorted to the Bar to wait till a table was cleared for us. Etched in the glass separating the bar from the restaurant was following text “Awards for excellence Winner for restaurant and catering – best steak restaurant Australia”. Within a few minutes, we were ushered to our table. As a service management professional, I thought that Cha Cha Char had designed their experience to perfection to take care of how the mind works when we are waiting – what we refer to as the psychology of waiting. While we gazed at the multi-award winning wood fired steak menu and discovered the varieties of grass fed and grain fed steaks with their ages displayed, a friendly member of the wait staff, assigned to our table, offered to show us the steaks that we were about to order on a meat board.

In a little while, she emerged holding a cling wrapped meat board with some of the most beautiful steaks. She carefully explained the background of each steak, her personal favourites and what differentiates one from the other. We picked a grass fed eye fillet steak (medium-rare) and a grain fed 400+ days spice rubbed fillet, both accompanied with portobello mushrooms with cafe de paris, dukkah and tomato relish. For the sauces, we went with bearnaise and wood roasted mushroom respectively.

Spice Rubbed Steak
Cha Cha Char – Spice Rubbed Steak

The wait staff was great help in highlighting the wines that were on the super wine menu. While we picked a Pinot Noir (as we generally prefer the same) she helped us discover the best option for us: “Spring Vale – Tasmania”, boy was she right! Our wine was served and the way she handled the bottle with a roll on her arms before opening to serve it without a drop on the pristine white table cloth; was mesmerising. The pictures convincingly tell the story of the steaks – they were the yummiest piece of meat we had ever tasted. The steaks are rightly priced as every dollar is worth it.

Spring Vale - Tasmania
Spring Vale – Tasmania

Before we could start digging into our steaks, a guy came in holding a small plate with four bowls containing a selection of condiments. Old English mustard, dijon mustard, wholegrain mustard and horseradish. He personalised the experience by commenting on our choice of condiments and sharing his story of tasting old English mustard for the first time. It was quite hilarious, especially the anecdote about clearing the sinuses. Every time the girl appeared at our table to refill the red wine and sparkling water, she was quiet, efficient and almost came and went like a breeze. The service was magical as she floated in and left as if she was never there – magic!

Usually I’d be done after having a good steak. I don’t have a sweet tooth per se. Yet since Cha Cha Char was able to satiate our savoury cravings to perfection, I was curious to see how they rate on their dessert menu. This menu appeared for the first time after we were done with our mains and our wine. One side of the menu had the desserts and the flip-side filled with a list of fortified and dessert wines that were extremely tempting. A temptation the we resisted. We ordered the Almond Pannacotta – red wine reduction, shortbread crumble and calvados ice cream.

Almond Pannacotta

The description of the pannacotta on the menu made me smile and eating it was a heavenly moment. It jiggled beautifully in the plate. The way the rosemary crackled in my mouth with the ice-cream and crumble – it was a moment out of Master Chef Australia and a foodie’s dream.

Strongly recommended!!! It is a romance with food that is something similar to true love. You can book online and discover the menus at


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