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Celebrating our 11th Anniversary at Stamford Plaza Brisbane

It is amazing when you can mix work and pleasure together. We did just that yesterday, while celebrating our 11th anniversary of meeting each other, at Stamford Plaza Brisbane, which I am currently analysing as a competitor to Marriott Brisbane. The historic ambiance of Stamford Plaza blended with modern elements surely comes as a pleasant surprise and makes you want to discover more. The hotel seemed quite popular for hosting events as there were two weddings and a baby’s birthday happening yesterday, and we got to see much of the action complete with ladies adorning beautiful hats and birthday decor. Often times multiple generations of families could be spotted together having good food and fun. I was surely transported to another time and era where life is balanced, there is time for togetherness, and where well dressed waiters serve you and properly attired valet park your car.

Classic Staircase

Old fashioned wooden door

Bar standee


While we sat in the central, open-air pavilion (PAVBAR), we could hear loud gregarious laughter of youth from the Moo Moo bar up top. Sitting by the side of a small pond with an artistic statue of a woman right on the edge, the backdrop and environment was quite perfect. We had a bit of difficulty ordering something for the kids, so the restaurant manager pulled out the ‘Little Guests’ page from Room Service Menu to help us. The menu was good but the nuggets that my little boy so urgently desired were missing. We ordered Nasi Goreng, a steak, steamed vegetables and a few drinks. They made a glass of milk available too on the request of my little man. The presentation of the cocktail was gorgeous. It must be the prettiest pink cocktail I have ever consumed.


Nasi Goreng

Beef Steak

Steamed Vegetables

Just a few things surprised me a little. The parking prices were $45 for self-parking, and $50 for valet parking. We thought that when you are already paying such a steep price, what is 5 more dollars – nothing! The wifi came with a price for customers staying at the hotel. Given the importance of wifi for customers of the 21st century and its relatively low cost, it would be nice for 5-star hotels to provide it for free for patrons. Lastly, while the rest of the food was quite nice, the steak turned out well-done instead of the rare that we ordered. Note to chef – please make it rare when someone asks for it:)


Parking fee

Overall Experience: Great!

Date of Visit: Saturday, September 17th 2016

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  1. Zainab Zainab

    I really enjoy reading about your experiences and accidentally stumbled on your article and was hooked! I consider myself somewhat of a late bloomer,truly finding what I love and was passionate about at the age of 34!

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